23 Jan

Let’s talk about shoes, for a change.

Crossovers have never been high in my lists of good ideas. They rather are typical false-good: you think you’ll get the better of the n worlds involved. Marilyn’s looks with Einstein’s brain. But usually what you get is the least common denominator, ie an Einstein-looking guy with the wits of a Marilyn, which is not that bad but kinda sucks in comparison with the expected outcome.

Witness the recent plague of sandal-boots, or whatever you may call this inanity.

Sandal boots, seriously?

I know I have a thing for Bauhaus-style functionalism one may or may not concur with. But come on, there’s no way to get away with such contradictio in adjectio. One step further you’re doing high heeled thongs ski boots. Whatev.

Nevertheless, in some cases, you actually get away with it. Then you really have something. Take for instance these gorgeous Burberry 5″ heeled combat low-boots. I wouldn’t have bet one kopek on such a project, but I have to admit they do work gallantly. I cry: hot!

Hot shit

By the way, I’m acquainted to their existence by paying a regular visit to Manolo the shoebloger’s place. He says; oddly compelling. I say: +1. The guy is so hilariously erudite shoe- and otherwise, has such a beautiful mind and prose that he should be taught in high school. TV-brainwashed youngsters may even get to know Villon and Lawrence in passing. Which is good, of course.

What is the least plausible working crossover you know ?


One Response to “Crossover”

  1. Manolo the Shoeblogger January 29, 2011 at 7:01 am #

    Ayyyy! You are far to kind to the humble shoeblogger and his ridiculous little musings!

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