Genius meat

23 Jan

Case study one. The Gaga in the meat.

This whole affair caught my eye otherwise globally uninterested by all pure showbiz stuff.

Platform wedges with a twist

Well, THIS is an instance of what makes life worth living. You would be hard pressed to name a single fashion statement strinking a deeper note about everything showbiz, media, woman image, person vs. product, etc. than the Lady’s outfit for the 2010 VMA edition. I cry: genius!

Surprisingly (or not), very few people noted that the idea was not new. When they did, as C. Knight in the LA Times, it was usually to scorn it as déjà-vu. Which is, per se, interesting: art-educated gents could not miss the strength of the message, so it was either hailing the Lady as the über-bitch-with-a-brain she is (which will cost you friends in some circles) or point that the show was good indeed, but actually not Gaga but Franc Fernandez, and not even Fernandez but Jana Sterbak ’87.

Alas my friends, this is a little short-sighted. For, as anyone should know since Duchamp’s farsical invention of pop art in 1917, provocation is absolutely contextual. The meat dress on a mannequin in Paris’ Pompidou center is interesting at best, as an outsider’s critical view about fashion etc. Now take the idea, put it in the hand of a higly capable fashion designer, and dress a sexy star with the outfit for a mass-mediatic event, what do you get?

I tell you: a situation. As much in the cops’ sense (like in ‘we have a situation here’) as in Debord‘s sense: a surrealist and concrete here-and-now where no one really knows what is happening. This is what the context-shift is all about: in contemporary art, you are supposed to be provocative and challenging. Not on MTV, where you are rather (if you are a female pop singer) expected to be glamorous (that is, essentially, determine the exact amount of flesh you want to show to the cameras, then add some). You know what’s best? The Lady Gaga does exactly that! But genius (I insist) kicks in when she does it in a way that will detonate in the face of eveybody else.

(sigh) If only her musical endeavors could match her iconic abilities…

But come on now, let’s come back to fashion and forget about meat. The bondage-y touch of butcher strings on the platform wedges had me producing moist in some of my lady parts. Which is good, of course.

Does anyone know about a non-meat version of this idea?

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