Something stirs

24 Jan

Nicola Formichetti, the main architect of Gaga’s iconic genius (which we discussed here) will première for Thierry Mugler Hommes in Paris anytime soon. He released a video featuring a Gaga soundtrack, and announced he will settle for nothing less than revolution. The collection is called Anatomy of change.

I am intrigued. On the one hand, Mugler rings to my hear like desperately 90, and (let’s face it) somewhat over the top and even vulgar at times. And the video above has a very distinctive air de famille with what The Prodigy were doing (era Music for the Jilted Generation, still so 90). Yet, Prodigy was really the dog’s bollocks in those years, I recall some videos that were so good they bordered with the scary. So this Mugler renaissance may really be something. I hear ‘impeccable taste’ à propos the new collection, a claim always a little hard to substantiate. But clearly, as was already obvious in the work with the Lady G, Formichetti is a free mind, intent to use a very daring range of percepts in order to convey a fashion statement, without confining himself to some sense of glamour. Which, to tell the truth, spoke rather directly to most of my lady parts.

On the whole, it is clear is that Formichetti is interested in monsters, and I find he has all the reason. Hyperbeauty is just another kind of freak, which is good, of course, as Wilde or Huysmans knew so well.

Everytime I hear that beauty is natural and fashion must strive for glamour, I go all Hanns Johst and release the safety of my Browning.  You?

PS. This guy knows what I’m talking about.

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