She did it again

27 Jan

I don’t want this place to turn into a Gaga worship joint. I really don’t. But I’m a victim of circumstances here: I didn’t chose today for this news to hit the fan. You know it already I’m sure but according to some rumor (it doesn’t really matter if it’s true), she wanted her new fragance to “smell like blood and semen”. LIKE BLOOD AND SEMEN, for fuck’s sake!

She’s just too good for this world.

First, as I said, it’s not important whether it’s true or not. It’s just that she’s the only one who could have been associated with such an idea, which is per se a mark of the outstanding.

Second. I flatter myself to have a not-so-bad olfactive memory, and I believe I can imagine the combined smell of these two not unfamiliar notes. Like the meat dress, it could perfectly work if placed into the proper hands.

Third. She’s got a singular talent to find a way to the glamorous uneasiness that’s becoming her signature. The paraplegic on the rise in Paparazzi‘s video as well as the sartorial butchery were two other instances of a same fundamental idea: it’a all about sex and death. I couldn’t agree more.

Andres Serrano, Blood and Semen III

Assuming all this is more than just the usual internet BS proliferation, would you try this perfume? I pre-ordered mine.

4 Responses to “She did it again”

  1. Hazy February 1, 2011 at 10:28 pm #

    Apparently, Lady Gaga need not bother. Such a perfume already exists: Secretions Magnifiques by Etat Libra d’Orange (which adds sweat and saliva notes to the blood and semen). I haven’t had the dubious pleasure of sniffing it. See here:

  2. Miss Eliza Wharton February 2, 2011 at 8:25 am #

    A great link! Thank you Hazy!
    Two remarks are due, though: a) musk has been one of the pillars of perfumery through centuries, and it is made out of one of a deer gland of very dubious olfactory pleasure. Then come in the talent of those in the trade. Don’t underestimate those guys. I’ll definitely be trying their products. I’ll keep you posted. b) I don’t expect to see Gaga do anything absolutely new (if there ever were such a thing). Still I’m amazed, let me explain why. Playing poker one can go all in with the whole $7.65 of his stack and feel the thrill. But then one is not exactly doing the same than what the WPT finalist does when he goes all in with a hundred thousand more at stake. Gaga plays like she doesn’t care of how high the stakes are, when everybody else in this segment of the business just plays safe.
    She has my respect for that, she’s a true artist.

    • Hazy February 2, 2011 at 8:06 pm #

      Oh, I’m not underestimating Etat Libre. I’ve tried one of their perfumes, ‘Like This’, and it’s lovely. And I generally love musk. But I’ll let the impressions of someone braver than me do the talking…

  3. Miss Eliza Wharton February 3, 2011 at 8:46 am #

    OK, I surrender to what seems to be a consensus, until I try it myself. It really seems to be awful. I still want to experience it first hand (at least because it seems that smells do not cause the same reactions and interpretations East and West of the Atlantic). Like I said, I’ll tell you what it does to me.
    Great link again, thanks!!

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