How to blind a nation

28 Jan

No fashion for right now. I’m just too fucking stunned by this new.

The Egyptian government decided this night to simply turn off the internet. Like, click. And a whole nation goes blind.

Internet had always seemed to me something too complex, too net-like, too fluid in some sense to come into the power of any specific group or institution, giving actual substance to the classical notion of ‘General Will’, the will of a people that no representative or institution could confiscate.

How silly of me, it seems.

Now, loads of particular initiatives are taken by the legions of discreet übergeeks that protect us all from such massive abuse. Let us hope that they find ways.

So, on the lighter side (meaning: let’s wash our brain of the world’s insanity to fall back on our bimbo’s high heeled feet, let’s be shallow and good looking).

And let us dig Egyptian design today. I would easily base a look on this dress:

Egyptian designer Bishara

Throw on that a short dark brown leather perfecto, fine gloves, a big big fur scarf and some seriously hot fur boot madness in the fashion of those deliciously warm Louboutin


(Road)killer heels

… and I’m your girl, ready to kill.

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