Eliza loses it

31 Jan

Eugène Leroy paints like there has been a disaster.

The vision field is a battle field, matter is distorted, fragmented, teared, melted, smeared… Leroy’s painting is a layer of solidified past events, all of which were violent.


Yet the works convey a sense of  serenity, hardly tainted by a light sadness, of cosmic proportions. The catastrophe already took place. It doesn’t really matter. Self portrait of a painter, and there’s no eyes left in this face: just an intent, intense, absence of gaze, stubbornly directed to the world.

Sef-portrait (1952)

For Leroy’s painting is also strangely patient and obstinate in its hopelessness. Like against all odds, the painter knew that he would reach the world, or better that the world itself will at the end emerge in its order from the chaos of melting matter.

Paysage Rouge (1996)

Eugène Leroy was an important artist. He died in 2000. You should try and see his work.


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