What would I wear…

1 Feb

… if I had all of a sudden to welcome hordes of unexpected people, in all probability sartorially educated since they come from the home of my precious internet friend, the Manolo himself?

Well, had I to grab hastily one pair of shoes in order to improvise a manifesto, they would probably be something from Nicholas Kirkwood. I find this young man supremely gifted, in possession of an extremely wide expressive range, from classically tasteful to outright punk to way-over-the-top-trendy to modest with a twist.

For an introduction to my guests, I’d go for feminine of course, and would have to fight the urge to play it safe and black. Since I’m an arty snob bitch, why not chose a color that is in itself a reference? So let us find something approaching the famous International Klein Blue, like these gorgeous slingbacks from the SS09 collection (I believe).

IKB slingback

This is all very well, I hear you mumble, but what about the rest? How do you match colors if you start with such a flashy note? Following the spirit of this very talented young woman, I cry: clash, don’t match!

While I’m not the hardcore man repeller myself (I blame it on my french education) I think there’s a very valuable lesson here. Dressing to get man action is weakening your fashion potential dramatically. Forget that you care, and there’s a limitless ocean of possibilities for layering, print clashing, color abuse and many other cool misbehavior. Let us endanger our sartorial salvation, and stand by our initial desire for chromatic extravaganza.

Sin #1: killer orange Prada dress. But forget about the green roadkill.

Prada SS11 retina offender

Since cold is still upon us, I’ll need a pair of leggings. And since we fear nothing, we’ll go for

Sin#2: Black Milk’s velvet softness.

Here we go

But all this still lacks some visual peps. What about a coat?

Sin #3: sheer folly FW10 Dior yellow coat

Not for the faint at eye

I’d probably want my gloves and scarf IKB (still a long way to go to the full fledged Man-Repeller). And a bulky black necklace.

The astute reader will have noted that I build an outfit from the shoes up. You always should. Good shoes are almost the outfit in themselves (and can save the day in many many cases), bad shoes will ruin anything — unconditionally. So you’d better always chose the shoes first, the rest will follow easily. Which is good, of course. Especially when you are in a hurry.

And you, my dear? Is there a limit to the chromatic dissonance you can handle? Taboo combinations?


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