Some lessons

2 Feb

… are to be drawn from this picture I borrow from the always excellent Sartorialist.

Aryan hottie in Bottega Veneta

Lesson #1: you can sport an oh-so-demure haircut and still look like a bad boy. It’s in the eyes.

Lesson #2: As Casey Spooner told Mr. Robot in a very interesting interview, sartorial 101 begins with this simple observation: when you don’t have a clue about fashion “just wear one color and you will look good.” It won’t get simpler.

Lesson #3: Layering is good. Even with a suit. A fitting sports jacket is as good as a vest, and will twist the look in a good way. Especially if the zipper is a good one, and shows.

Lesson #4: Following from this last remark, and not fearing to state the obvious: NEVER fasten the lower button of your jacket. I hear the finicky and/or mathematically minded of my reader murmur: ‘and what about single buttoned blazers?’ Simple answer: said thing is not a garment but a psychiatric condition’s secondary effect. So, corollary: NEVER wear a single buttoned blazer. Even if your Don Johnson on a 60′ yacht.

Lesson#5: Fastening your shirt all the way up IS cool. You don’t need to display chest skin/hair to be. Leaving the last button open down there is good, especially if you belong to that sort of people putting their hands in their pockets.

Lesson #6: (and note to self) There are some killing gentlemen on Bottega Veneta’s runways. Next time you’re in Milan for the fashion week, don’t miss it (if you can keep your base desires on a leash that is… maybe I won’t go after all).


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