Simplicity again…

7 Feb

On the occasion of a commentary on a previous post, I discovered this very nice blog, bearing simplicity as one of its mots d’ordre. You know me, my little shrimps, I was all excited. And she has some very nice pictures. I borrowed there something from the last Zara campaign.

The ads star Stella Tennant. She’s 40. And she so totally rocks the casbah it’s scary. She must drink blood or something. It’s not that she look very young. She looks friggin’ eternal, like she’s out of time. (Someday I’ll do a post on this idea of older models. If you read the first post of this blog, you know I think that an important part of fashion as an art form is the way it deal with the idea of death. Old models are interesting in this perspective.)

Anyway. The pictures are beautiful. They do not beg the question (for it means something entirely different) but they call for an answer anyway: what shoes do we wear with this?

Bretagne, Cornwall, New Jersey... Fresh seasides

There’s a suggestion here, which is good, but we know better. I don’t like much the effect of the toes peeking out under the pants, reminds me of the infamous sandal-boots we alluded to before. And I’m not shy of the obvious, I would go for a marine on marine outfit, like with this wonderful nautical number by Diane von Furstenberg:

Sailor's Sandals

But that’s a little bit on the safe side for our taste, let’s face it. We’re the artsy bitch. We want a piece of the action. I know! Let’s fire the boat with some chromatic insanity, like these wicked Dior platforms, by Galliano, as brilliant as usual:

Espadrille? check. Animal Print? check. Sick orange? check. Woven heel? check...

Shoes pictures from


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