That dance is relevant for fashion…

13 Feb

… is no news, obviously. Especially in those sad times of swans proliferation when ballet is all the rage, or maybe it’s the feathers, I cannot tell. But Friday night I got to see a performance of Ziya Azazi that really got several of my precious bodily fluids seriously overflowing. Look at that:

Circle is the perfect movement


The guy is a serious case of ladyboner, and he wears dresses. How hot is that?

Genuine Ladyboner

As hell. That’s how hot it is. Mesmerized by the ceaseless motion of the cloth, my heart beating along with the pulsation of the music and his feet, I reached some rare level of choregraphic empathy which had everything to do with a ballet orgasm. It was a short solo, 25′ at most, but god it was satisfying.

Fashion Quintessence

And while I was there, letting it flow, I was thinking: this is a good deal of what fashion is about. Putting cloth in motion under the light. If I were in one of my modernists fits, I’d say that’s pretty much all fashion is about. Which would be good, but is wrong. Anyway, the show was exceptionally good, and if you get a chance, go see it for yourselves. It was called Dervish in progress.

Cloth in motion

It reminded me of my two little girls and their very first concern about any skirt or dress I give them: will it turn well? I’m not sure that’s a question most designers ask themselves. My inner child regrets it, at times.

Lots of good pictures of Ziya Azazi are to be found here, with relevant copyright information for these.

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