What we are listening to…

16 Feb

… is a little Pink Martini for the morning. Just the kind of booze that gets me started. I have notoriously painful starts. Martini greases the joints.

But the random PM? Oh no. I’m listening to what they describe as an “hypnotically precise reworking (with a hint of early seventies Japanese film noir) of the Japanese Saori Yuki hit” Tanya Tan. Here is a fabulous mix where the song blends to perfection with Zhang Ziyi’s modern techno-geisha number.

I could cry.

(Actually I am, but you don’t need to know.) So, to console us all from the grief caused by Marc Jacobs’ M collection, cruelly demonstrating that preppy is the new boring, I decided to provide you some early seventies Japanese film noir inspiration. Like when you’re going out to hear a Japanese Nu-Jazz combo, and of course you want to be hip, because hipless jazz is utter nonsense. Japanese film noir is a good place to start digging. Take Meiko Kaji for instance. She was a true badass girl in the flicks of this wild wild cinematographic era. Look:

Call me Scorpion

Prisoner 701/Convict Scorpion .How cool is that?

Gunfight chic at its best. Let’s go for a recent interpretation. Vera Wang is cool with is, she gives us some kimono inspired cut, noir as hell, but without being exotically kitsch.

Put a tanto in that obi, girl.

For a jazz night, I’d certainly put a well fitted white shirt under that. With cuff links and a wing collar, two buttons open. Then of course, we’ll put a trench on this. Y-3 makes a nice one.

Noir on noir

It’s not really a trench, but who cares? If someone makes a snappy comment, we’ll give him the Scorpion stare. Shoes? Bicolor brogues. The mob touch. With heels:

Miu Miu SS11 for the wise gal

And you? Do you hip up for jazz?

5 Responses to “What we are listening to…”

  1. winnsome February 16, 2011 at 12:54 pm #

    aahhh marc jacobs…. I feel like a traitor to the entire fashion industry in saying this but no matter how hard i try I just don’t like his stuff. I think it just doesn’t give me that wistful, excited feeling. I think I’m addicted to that chemical in my brain or something.
    Ms Scorpion on the other hand is awesome. Who needs a pistol when you can have a rifle? The black hat pic reminds me of Karlie Kloss opening Hermes ss11 in her perfect hat with her harness, riding crop and one earring dangling down – hot hotness!

  2. Madame Suggia February 16, 2011 at 11:04 pm #

    I’m of the same mind as winnsome…Marc Jacobs has left me cold for a long long time, I get the distinct whiff of the Emperor’s New Clothes whenever I read yet another fash-mag eulogizing piece. Quite like the skirts made of over-sized circular (latex?rubber? whatever) paillettes, but then I liked them when Marni did them a few seasons ago. Still, his accessories sell like gangbusters and that’s where the real money is (one size fits all when it comes to bags and bijoux) so I suppose, yeah yeah, good job…next!

    Jazz makes my ears bleed.

    • Miss Eliza Wharton February 17, 2011 at 12:27 am #

      “Jazz makes my ears bleed.”
      Oh I fear you’ll have to come here with plugs, darling, I’m quite the jazz freak…
      But you’ll also get plenty of Baroque…
      Do you care for Mahler?

  3. Madame Suggia February 17, 2011 at 12:49 am #

    @ Miss Eliza Wharton

    It must be said that here at Casa Suggia I encourage my in-house DJ M. Suggia to get on and play that funky music, white boy, and therefore end up listening to more jazz than is probably safe (or desirable).

    I’m more of an ambient trip hop girl, stuff like this http://www.amazon.com/Back-Mine-Faithless/dp/B00005A0LB but I will concede to loving a good burst of Mozart, turned up to 11.

    Wouldn’t know a Mahler piece from a hole in the ground, any recommendations? Always nice to expand one’s horizons.

  4. winnsome February 17, 2011 at 1:11 am #

    Dear Madame Suggia,
    I don’t know alot of Jazz but how I originally got into it was Django Reinhardt I think he’s really cute and fun – not too over the top virtuoso. I am a fan of the fun loving, cute stuff like some of those old blues guys are so cute too like my grandma the way they sing is just kind of adorable. My absolute fave is “Lonnie Johnson – Winnie The Wailer” (1932).
    p.s. thanks for making me feel better about not appreciating Marc Jacobs i was really beating myself up about it it IS totally like the emperors new clothes in those mags – drives me crazy

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