Good people…

17 Feb

… I can’t tell you how pleased I am when I read all the carefully expressed thoughts everyone is sharing there. It makes me proud! Please keep it coming!

And now I’ve said it and I feel all… something, and without further ado, I’ll proceed to the topic of the night. Jules Verne. I hope my faithful non-French readers had an opportunity to read this (in a good translation). It’s scifi, but from the 1880. He invented a future and did not miss the mark that much, in some ways. He was absolutely the 19th century guy, absolutely enthusiastic about science and especially mechanics. Reading him and others writer sharing the same spirit (Doyle is a good example) one is projected in a most curious temporal structure, a past future. A future where everything is mechanical, wood, copper, brass and steam.

So here you are, and you’re dating that guy who’s a steampunk fan, and he invites to some Verne’s event, and since you want to match the context you’re wondering what shoes you will wear. The cliché is to go Mary Poppins. Laced booties, bobbin heels. But you’re not the cliché girl. And you’re in trouble, because the industry seems to think that steampunk is not a viable market segment, so designer are not that much into the Nautilus for inspiration. McQueen had a genius stroke last year,

Steampunk McQueen

but they unfortunately never hit the marketplace. But that’s until today. Because an hour ago, as I was surfing the shoe waves of the internet, I found this:

Jonathan Kelsey will take you around the world

It’s all in the heel. Now you’re set, you can take Nemo with you and go to that party. You’ll fit in quite well.

EDIT: That’s what happens when you don’t read ALL your Bubbles… You become so last week… Had I done my reading, I wouldn’t have missed what Marie Parsons did on Manolos for Louise Goldin AW11. Quite steampunk, don’t you think?

Blahnik meets Verne

4 Responses to “Good people…”

  1. Stan February 17, 2011 at 12:50 am #

    Me and one of my friends are constantly exchanging steampunk ideas. She’s an artist and she loves doing fantasy illustrations involving a bit of steampunk action. Sometimes she gets me to model for her and I get to hold her bow and arrow, gun etc!

    McQueen – such an imagination always about 10 steps ahead of everyone and in his own (magnificent) world. I sort of freaked out when he died I was like where’s all of the imagination going to come from?! At least Ms Burton is doing a pretty good job keeping the whimsy coming. I am however sensing the loss of a certain toughness (perfectly expressed through these shoes) that McQueen himself seemed to sneak into each show. I am looking forward quite alot to seeing Ms Burton’s take on the McQueen winter. I hope she goes all out. I mean aw09 with those hats – I miss that kind of thing in fashion week. All too commercial 😦 sob sob

    p.s. did u like rodarte this season? I am such a wingeing 29 year old but I was a bit disappointed.

    p.p.s what are your fave collections so far? Did you like the hand print with the flames coming out of the fingertips at Jeremy Laing whew! I’m obsessed…

    • Madame Suggia February 17, 2011 at 1:56 am #

      No point looking at me, I loathe Rodarte with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns-their stuff always looks very 1st year fashion student to me (and I’ve worked with enough of them to know it when I see it).

      Alexander McQueen? Genius. Like Galliano, totally unwearable for my good & chubby self, but gorgeous is gorgeous.

    • Miss Eliza Wharton February 17, 2011 at 1:45 pm #

      yeah, Jeremy Laing was cool on the rock side, which is not really my best side but I sort of see why someone would obsess over the hand+flames
      there was a green-grey draped thing (look 9) a dress variation (look 26) that totally got me drooling, and a monumental brown coat that just wants to be mine.

  2. winnsome February 17, 2011 at 12:52 am #

    oh sorry I did it again and logged in as stan…. too much internet is bad for the braingngndnsrerlkgs

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