Two lessons from Ingres…

17 Feb

… should suffice to secure some fairly stable truths about fashion.

LBD, circa 1823

The Little Black Dress is indispensably hot since 200 years. That commands respect. If you have an impossibly long neck, you should wear something that makes it appear even longer. Match details: ribbons on the wrist and in the hair. Black on black is good. Treat your arms as if they were legs: they should be as sexy.

Mixed messages

If you look desperately young and pure, you may (actually you should) wear masculine leather arm-long mitts. They’ll spice up your virginity in a way no slutty trick seen on MTV ever will. Do your make up in a way that suggests sexual arousal, but keep it demure at the same time. If you carefully follow the instructions, nobody will know what’s the matter with you and you will totally rule.

Pictures are borrowed from the Artchive.

One Response to “Two lessons from Ingres…”

  1. winnsome February 18, 2011 at 2:12 am #

    ahh yes perfect! I have been wanting Anne D’s menswear aw11 leather gloves they have the most perfect masculine musketeer vibe going on and I’m totally going to make myself one of those horsehair headbands to go with it.

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