Who’s that girl…

21 Feb

… that wants to live her life in Westwood’s Red Label collection for Fall 2011?

She’s legion, of course, for as Maya Singer aptly remarked in her review, Westwood strives to render a kind of human comedy through her designs: she’s more interested in the proliferation of special solutions to particular problems than to propose global trends and standards. My guess is that Balzac would have liked it. When one tries to find some regulating principles in the collection, one is soon confronted to the strange feeling of a quasi-systematic self-contradiction: Westwood’s girls are masculine, feminine, strict, clownish, urban, country, sublime, fugly, trashy, überchic, you name it and it’s in the collection. Even boring

I’ll try nonetheless to subsume some of the looks I liked best under (admittedly vague) categories:





Of course, there’s arbitrarily many other ways to order such a profuse collection, and I won’t claim these are even particularly good. Anyway, I’m fascinated by the fact that even within a look you’ll find lots of tensions, complex intentions yielding rather unique results. It’s like each one of these had a whole story to tell: to me, Westwood goes way beyond any other designer in giving you the sensation that you’re not looking at an outfit but to someone.

One of the girls, for some reason, caught my attention and made me wonder:

Who's she?

The overall tone is rather mute, if not shy. The play with textures is intriguing but not loud. She’s an original but she’s not begging for attention. She wants to look accordingly. The pumps and socks are just a prettiness short of sexy, and the mustard cardigan is just plain enough to balance the discrete bang of the bag. She likes a delicate twist in classicism. She’s a smiling Beth Gibbons with a fashion sense. She’s not afraid to pass as boring, she does not care much for the insensitive eye. Yet, she cares about her looks. She wears Westwood after all.

Tell me what you think. Do you know one of the Westwood girls?

PS. The socks, and the stripes, and the blue leopard, and the deconstructed ties, and the jumpsuit, OMG. Did I mention the f*cking socks?


2 Responses to “Who’s that girl…”

  1. winnsome February 22, 2011 at 12:32 am #

    you are always reading my mind……
    I was in love with Ranya Mordanova. She was wearing my two favourite outfits. The first look is one of the ones that you posted – the blue leopard cape with the fab multicoloured blazer and plum shirt and of course the perfect socks. The second look was towards the end of the show – a divine collared cream silk shirt with ruffles and gold spatters accompanied by a high waisted black velvet skirt with a big bow. The way they did her makeup looked particularly clownish and coupled with her black hair and straight fringe I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She reminds me of one of those classical mimes.

    Now as for my all time favourite westwood girl – Tati Cotliar …. she is to be the subject of my next blog post (which is why I said you read my mind). She did the last westwood campaign looking like a bit of a crazed voodoo witch (as is viv’s way) and I was very sad not to see her on the runway but I assume viv must be saving her for the Gold Label show (hopefully……!)
    p.s. what did you think of the feathers?

  2. Miss Eliza Wharton February 22, 2011 at 12:52 am #

    Oh the feathers, that was a waaaaaaay beyond what I can do. But I’ve never been into feathers of any sort, so I guess I’m biased…

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