As I lay…

1 Mar

… sniffing platinum salts in order to recover from the Dionysiac abuse of Swabian Riesling, and from the nerd overdose of talking three days with a handful of peeps who you know are maybe a third of the living people remotely interested in what you do and understanding it, as I lay (said I) I realize it’s been a while since I posted.

I owe you.

And while I try to cure an intoxication by another intoxication, I thought I should share with you some of the top dope of the history of music. Watch out the mystic fumes, you may begin to feel you have a soul before you know it. Here it i: Johannes Ockeghem’s Deo Gratia. 36 voices Canon (Motet, actually). This stuff is seriously good. Listen to the circling voices at the end.

And while we’re at it, why not ask ourselves some deep sartorial question. Assume you’re invited by this most refined friend, a choir director himself, for a concert of Flemish 15th century sacred music in the Saint Bavo Cathedral in Ghent. The place is beautiful, the performance will be excellent. You need to match. But such spiritual events call for a very toned down femininity. But you wouldn’t want to look like a nun either: you’re not one, you respect them, and literalness is at best a risky business, when it’s not downright stupid.

I found exactly what I need in Missoni’s collection:

Exactly the right amount of Christianity

Of course, I wouldn’t be caught dead in this aberration of a boot. But this little pair of Thakoon would do a perfect job at keeping the whole outfit suitably in tune with loosing myself in the counterpoint subtleties of the early Flemish Renaissance.

Keeping the correct notions. Forgetting about wellies


I woud certainly add a coat. Ghent is often chilly. A discreet biblical allusion, sheep on my shoulders, and this parka trend defused by wearing it on not too soir clothes. That’s what I call being attentively inattentive to fashion trends.

Iceberg, unsheepishly

2 Responses to “As I lay…”

  1. Madame Suggia March 1, 2011 at 8:33 pm #

    Assuming I were attending said soiree, in my dreams I’d wear this

    probably with your shoe choice.

    Because that’s how I roll.

    • Miss Eliza Wharton March 1, 2011 at 10:27 pm #

      You know, I swear that coat made it to my short list of three other possibilities, with a Missoni, an Armani and another Marni.
      But I wanted to be sort of referential to the monk’s robes materials: big knitted wool, sheep’s skin…

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