In my book…

1 Mar

… up to now, Bally rhymed with boring (which is odd when you think about it).

You would see respectable wives of antiques dealers, having made a fortune during WWII, wearing Bally in Lausanne, or the mayor of this small conservative town will drive the lady to the City, once a year, to buy Bally shoes, they are so chic and durable at the same time, that what the kind of glamour attached to the brand as I saw it.

But things change in the fashion industry. It’s been known for that.

Since ex Aquascutum designers Michael Herz and Graeme Fidler joined the Swiss brand, some adjustments were to be expected. But in all honesty, given the frantic rhythm of the fashion weeks, I wouldn’t have paid much attention if it weren’t for Miss Bubble’s keen eye… And while the clothes didn’t give me much to rave about, when I saw the pics of the shoes, my shoe-loving girl heart skipped some beats.

I had then a lovely zombie moment, like waaaaannt, (drooling) waaaannt… I guess you the feeling.

I stole Suzie’s pics to show them to you:

Mountain heights

Well, I hear you my little shrimps doing the impersonation of the Priestly : “Alpinism references for Swiss shoes… Ground. Breaking.” I have a little voice telling me that deep down inside. But a much bigger voice booming “Get thee hence, ya annoying naysayer… beautiful plus sexy kills kitsch. A well documented fact.”

Even higher

I’m seriously obsessed with these. Waaaaaaaaanttt.


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