Here comes my Top 10…

2 Mar

… of non-trendy yet indispensable looks from Milano Fashion Week. As you may have noticed already, I’m not that much into trends: the way I see them, they are a kind of ready-to-think. Let’s look at that in no particular order.

Flat frills meet Art Deco. Aquilano Raimondi

Aquilano Raimondi did a great work at being inspired by Rothko (even without mentioning it, the exact contrary of Albino d’Amato). But this Art Deco number with all its unpretentious sophistication, really caught my eye.

At Bottega Veneta, we find some great textures in most outfits.

Bottega Veneta does the sixties

But what killed me was the exact visual effect of some rare and delicate sushis on this top. SO exquisite.

Jackie and sushi.

Etro had lots of good things to offer. Foremost, an impeccably cut pair of trousers:

Look at that line

But technology gives also solutions for great lines. Nylon Lurex sparks the glitter-whore in me:

Max Ernst meets a primitive

Francesco Scognamiglio knows how to blow a fuse from time to time. Here, he does a Poison Ivy in Neverland:

Epic outfit

Gabriele Colangelo offers here a very personal interpretation of the trendy menswear for ladies. You’ll want to wear that for the first meeting of the board.

I want those figures on my desk in ten minutes.

Giorgio Armani and a great great floral pattern, fantastic volume and proportions.Queen-of-hearts-esque without being too obvious. Sweet.

Off with his head!

Miuccia Prada surfes the wave of her great idea of this spring: very clear and structured lines, great contrasts. She did also some remarkably fuzzy furs, but the doggy parts of the show were a series of very silly fishes scales pieces I find absolutely scandalous. Where is the nightclub worth wearing that?

While I dance the night away...

The jewel of this little collection, the piece that started it all, is this absolutely fantastically off and exactly on Tyroll-meets-disco number, a notion of the lowest probability given the trends, short, mid and long term, that Emilio Pucci pulls effortlessly in the midst of a sumptuous collection. I have a life to live in those clothes.

Yoddle chic, what beats that?

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