Oversizing is trendy…

11 Mar

… we’ve heard plenty of this during the month. Yet, I feel oversize falls at least under two very different categories. The first is the obvious: my jacket is too big for me. Despite all the ‘subtle play with proportion’ blahblah, it seems to me this notion is just unfortunate, and will probably licence loads of disasters in the name of fashion. For instance when this will hit the streets:

Wrong. (Sorry Stella)

… I’m expecting ugliness. Because it disastrously suggests you just have to take one of your father’s jackets and you’re ready to go. Miuccia went down that road too in her last Miu Miu collection. When I first saw this


… I was all ‘oh nooo’ and internally going into my favorite rant #3541, the one about designer’s irresponsibility and the price our eyes must pay for their foolishness (I’ve been using it a lot since some crackhead fashion god decided that men pants’ length was a conventional affair, and it would be cool to cut them above the ankle. Don’t get me started on this one.). Then, almost the next look, Miuccia gave me my fashion lesson of the day. Oversizing may indeed generate a very interesting deconstruction of a fashion standard by way of proportion.

Oh. So. Right.

I stand corrected, which is seriously good. Powercoat on steroids.


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