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Architecture is not necessarily…

23 Mar

… synonymous with austerity, even when you practice a relatively restrained classicism. At least, there may be some discrepancy between your architectural aesthetics:

Paris' Pantheon by Jacques-Germain Soufflot

… and your sartorial choices:

Floral Madness

I want to thank E. from Academichic, who offered this embroidery bonanza as a reference of the extreme variability of the (gendered) meaning we assign to such and such aspect of our clothing.

Color Theory…

21 Mar

… is quite a fascinating subject and should be on the curriculum of any wannabe fashionista. As you may know, Goethe is something like the father of the field where optics meets aesthetics, both as a theory of perception and as a theory of fine arts. Here are two interesting passages from the sixth part of his Zur Farbenlehre:

§ 841: People of refinement have a disinclination to colors. This may be owing partly to weakness of sight, partly to the unceertainty of taste, which readily takes refuge in absolute negation. Women now appear almost universally in white and men in black.

§ 845: The scale of positive color is obviously soon exhausted ; on the other hand, the neutral, subdued, so-called fashionable colors present infinitely varying degrees and shades, most of which are not unpleasing.

Musing on the internet, I found Manolo’s excellent friend’s excellent friends’ excellent friends are doing a bit of very very good fashion oriented popular color theory. You must check that.

Colorwheel from

Up to now, there’s four parts to the course:

  1. The wheel and the two thirds
  2. The neutrals
  3. Triads
  4. Applied investigation

Musical attire…

20 Mar

From this site via this site.


19 Mar

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18 Feb


Simplicity again…

7 Feb

On the occasion of a commentary on a previous post, I discovered this very nice blog, bearing simplicity as one of its mots d’ordre. You know me, my little shrimps, I was all excited. And she has some very nice pictures. I borrowed there something from the last Zara campaign.

The ads star Stella Tennant. She’s 40. And she so totally rocks the casbah it’s scary. She must drink blood or something. It’s not that she look very young. She looks friggin’ eternal, like she’s out of time. (Someday I’ll do a post on this idea of older models. If you read the first post of this blog, you know I think that an important part of fashion as an art form is the way it deal with the idea of death. Old models are interesting in this perspective.)

Anyway. The pictures are beautiful. They do not beg the question (for it means something entirely different) but they call for an answer anyway: what shoes do we wear with this?

Bretagne, Cornwall, New Jersey... Fresh seasides

There’s a suggestion here, which is good, but we know better. I don’t like much the effect of the toes peeking out under the pants, reminds me of the infamous sandal-boots we alluded to before. And I’m not shy of the obvious, I would go for a marine on marine outfit, like with this wonderful nautical number by Diane von Furstenberg:

Sailor's Sandals

But that’s a little bit on the safe side for our taste, let’s face it. We’re the artsy bitch. We want a piece of the action. I know! Let’s fire the boat with some chromatic insanity, like these wicked Dior platforms, by Galliano, as brilliant as usual:

Espadrille? check. Animal Print? check. Sick orange? check. Woven heel? check...

Shoes pictures from

What would I wear…

1 Feb

… if I had all of a sudden to welcome hordes of unexpected people, in all probability sartorially educated since they come from the home of my precious internet friend, the Manolo himself?

Well, had I to grab hastily one pair of shoes in order to improvise a manifesto, they would probably be something from Nicholas Kirkwood. I find this young man supremely gifted, in possession of an extremely wide expressive range, from classically tasteful to outright punk to way-over-the-top-trendy to modest with a twist.

For an introduction to my guests, I’d go for feminine of course, and would have to fight the urge to play it safe and black. Since I’m an arty snob bitch, why not chose a color that is in itself a reference? So let us find something approaching the famous International Klein Blue, like these gorgeous slingbacks from the SS09 collection (I believe).

IKB slingback

This is all very well, I hear you mumble, but what about the rest? How do you match colors if you start with such a flashy note? Following the spirit of this very talented young woman, I cry: clash, don’t match!

While I’m not the hardcore man repeller myself (I blame it on my french education) I think there’s a very valuable lesson here. Dressing to get man action is weakening your fashion potential dramatically. Forget that you care, and there’s a limitless ocean of possibilities for layering, print clashing, color abuse and many other cool misbehavior. Let us endanger our sartorial salvation, and stand by our initial desire for chromatic extravaganza.

Sin #1: killer orange Prada dress. But forget about the green roadkill.

Prada SS11 retina offender

Since cold is still upon us, I’ll need a pair of leggings. And since we fear nothing, we’ll go for

Sin#2: Black Milk’s velvet softness.

Here we go

But all this still lacks some visual peps. What about a coat?

Sin #3: sheer folly FW10 Dior yellow coat

Not for the faint at eye

I’d probably want my gloves and scarf IKB (still a long way to go to the full fledged Man-Repeller). And a bulky black necklace.

The astute reader will have noted that I build an outfit from the shoes up. You always should. Good shoes are almost the outfit in themselves (and can save the day in many many cases), bad shoes will ruin anything — unconditionally. So you’d better always chose the shoes first, the rest will follow easily. Which is good, of course. Especially when you are in a hurry.

And you, my dear? Is there a limit to the chromatic dissonance you can handle? Taboo combinations?