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17 May

… on Van Beirendonck. He may sometimes transcend his camp-LGBT manerism, and reach genius.

Color madness

A Top-5 of male DNA providers…

14 Mar

… may come handy in those times when world news are slightly apocalyptic. When I ask my own gametes where should I look for a match (a question, my little shrimps, you know to be quite distinct with the question of beauty), here’s what they have to say.

Don’t expect anything fancy: DNAs are a boring bunch, always looking for the same old features Manolo (who tends to be a Platonist) think are written in the Heaven of Intelligible Ideas. Or equivalently, that’s what life wrote in my lady parts to look for in order to make babies. Which is gross.

#5: David Bowie, even better after Let’s Dance.

Beau Brummel does rock

Of course lots of rock stars are hot. But Ziggy’s in a league of his own.

#4: Vincent Cassel, anytime since La haine.

French candy

With a distinctive touch of french mauvais genre.

#3: Brad Pitt, circa Fight Club or Snatch.

Yeah, I know I'm alone on this one.

Hollywood hasn’t offered anything to top that in terms of gamete-hysteria-inducing bastard.

#2: Sean Connery, in the sixties.

So classic it hurts

Well, actually, Hollywood gave us Daniel Craig, who is hot as sh*t. But the competition is too tough here, even for the mean blond Bond.

#1: Steve McQueen, in the seventies.

The guy was even hotter than the actor. Who can top that?

You got me at the freckles, sonnyboy.

#0: Rudolf Noureev, anytime but especially circa 1965.


Nec Plus Ultra

Here we reach the point where my ladyparts literally melt. This guy is arguably the greatest dancer of the 20th century, if not the greatest ever. And he was certainly the most beautiful (yeah, here I say beautiful) XY chromosomes bearer ever. My ovaries think he was a god.

Do I see a pattern? Muscular and lean and angular faced and badass, with a great aging potential. Oh so DNA…

Some lessons

2 Feb

… are to be drawn from this picture I borrow from the always excellent Sartorialist.

Aryan hottie in Bottega Veneta

Lesson #1: you can sport an oh-so-demure haircut and still look like a bad boy. It’s in the eyes.

Lesson #2: As Casey Spooner told Mr. Robot in a very interesting interview, sartorial 101 begins with this simple observation: when you don’t have a clue about fashion “just wear one color and you will look good.” It won’t get simpler.

Lesson #3: Layering is good. Even with a suit. A fitting sports jacket is as good as a vest, and will twist the look in a good way. Especially if the zipper is a good one, and shows.

Lesson #4: Following from this last remark, and not fearing to state the obvious: NEVER fasten the lower button of your jacket. I hear the finicky and/or mathematically minded of my reader murmur: ‘and what about single buttoned blazers?’ Simple answer: said thing is not a garment but a psychiatric condition’s secondary effect. So, corollary: NEVER wear a single buttoned blazer. Even if your Don Johnson on a 60′ yacht.

Lesson#5: Fastening your shirt all the way up IS cool. You don’t need to display chest skin/hair to be. Leaving the last button open down there is good, especially if you belong to that sort of people putting their hands in their pockets.

Lesson #6: (and note to self) There are some killing gentlemen on Bottega Veneta’s runways. Next time you’re in Milan for the fashion week, don’t miss it (if you can keep your base desires on a leash that is… maybe I won’t go after all).

I don’t do that…

31 Jan

… normally. But someone had to put an end to all this Chuck Norris madness.

British Badass

Notice how the tie cleverly matches the ice blue of his gaze. Sartorial competence, that is. We do not even begin to compare it with Norris’ utter cluelessness about clothing.

But the question remains: what shoes should he wear?

British Badass Shoes

Certainly something like these Oliver Sweeney’s Romano Brown Batisfera boots, perfectly fitting for stylish action, such as verbally bitch slapping Lord Vader.