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I’ve been fiddling…

24 Feb

… with the themes for my blog. I hope you like the new one!

Tell me what you think, are you into dots? I am. Here’s Paul Smith, for this Spring.

Something I'd like to jump in tomorrow morning. See the dots?

Grand début

23 Jan

Will this lead anywhere?

This is supposed to be a fashion blog. Or a philosophical blog, perhaps, but with a heel fetish? Unless it is the diary of a schizoid babe in consumerland? Who knows? Genre theory has always been something of a vain — if necessary — exercise, if you ask me.

We will, I suppose, be talking about everything that makes life worth living. And what is that? one may ask. In my view, it usually amouts to the more or less sophisticated ways we invent in order to deal with sex and death.

But enough generalities for now, let us take a case: the Lady Gaga haute butchery feat for the last VMA.