So it’s Spring…

11 May

… and I want flowers on my dress. Am I so literal I’m lame?

And no thanks Miuccia, I don’t want bananas. I even think they’re a friggin‘ disaster these bananas everybody seems to praise. Do I need to check my head?

It seems so if you look at SS11 collections. Those designers seem to think that flowery springs are below them. Except the English ones, that is. God bless the Brits, who still have some sense of what May is all about. My wealthy counterpart minds her own business in some alternate universe wearing any of these:

Vivienne Westwood

Sarah Burton for Mc Queen

John Galliano for Dior

A girl may dream, doesn’t she?


Dear Friends…

9 May

I owe you all an apology. I’ve been extremely unwell, hence missing for an month and a half, without a warning. Some of you expressed concern, which touched me a lot. I won’t go into details, but I hope I’ll be fine now.

Anyway, let’s not stay on such a note, for as surprising as it may be, things happen even when I’m not around. I know, I can’t quite believe it myself. And what happened? I hear the sleepiest of you wonder.

Shoes happened! And especially this pair of Camilla Skovgaard:

Skovgaard FW 2011

The connection between the leather of the ankle strap and the upper material is not exceedingly virtuosic, yet it works in its brute way. But the sole geometry is really good. I’d love to try a pair and check whether function follows form here. And I love the rust. This is as close a shoe can be from the poetry of decaying cargo ships.

United Nude…

26 Mar

… does really good things when not trying to incorporate furniture references in their shoes. Witness, the absolute wonderfulness of the product of their collaboration with Iris van Herpen. It’s called Crystallization:


Another gem in the new collection, the Haiku:

Simplicity, geometry, bondage

It took me a while…

25 Mar

… to decide whether I should pay homage to Liz Taylor. I’ve never been especially found of her style, and while she has been absolutely gorgeous, I’ve never been very convinced by her fashion sense.

Yet, I was thinking again about what I wrote here bout The Moon is Blue :

“I know of few other movies with so much rhythm while being just a matter of dialogue.”

The main other one I think of is Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?

You can read here a short essay on it, giving this movie the praise it deserves. It takes a truly great actress to pull such a role. If you are lucky enough to never have seen it, rush to see it somewhere!

The whole cast (almost), four nominations and two Oscars

You’re in for the absolute worst row you ever saw in a movie, soaked in alcohol and perverse cruelty, with more rhythm that a Chuck Berry standard.

Taylor and Burton, on screen like in life

So, here’s to the memory of a great actress.

I’m into cute right now…

25 Mar

… and I’ve got a strange idea about the way it relates to classical aesthetics.

Work by Jun Kumaori

Stay tuned!


23 Mar

… is not only an astute bon mot, and a fascinating tumblr, it is also a shop where some pretty good tights can be purchased online for a hefty £42. A design I find particularly tasteful in an exercise (patterned tights) where disaster is always close.

Pattern your legs!

I could totally wear that…

23 Mar

Henri-Francois Mulard, Portrait of a Woman, ca 1810

Notice the butter gloves. I hear you, my little shrimps, asking as one should always ask: “this is very well indeed, but what about the shoes?”

Donna Karan's cork and wood platform sandals

With just the right amount of exoticness to compliment the somewhat Hellenic spirit of the outfit.