It took me a while…

25 Mar

… to decide whether I should pay homage to Liz Taylor. I’ve never been especially found of her style, and while she has been absolutely gorgeous, I’ve never been very convinced by her fashion sense.

Yet, I was thinking again about what I wrote here bout The Moon is Blue :

“I know of few other movies with so much rhythm while being just a matter of dialogue.”

The main other one I think of is Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?

You can read here a short essay on it, giving this movie the praise it deserves. It takes a truly great actress to pull such a role. If you are lucky enough to never have seen it, rush to see it somewhere!

The whole cast (almost), four nominations and two Oscars

You’re in for the absolute worst row you ever saw in a movie, soaked in alcohol and perverse cruelty, with more rhythm that a Chuck Berry standard.

Taylor and Burton, on screen like in life

So, here’s to the memory of a great actress.

I’m into cute right now…

25 Mar

… and I’ve got a strange idea about the way it relates to classical aesthetics.

Work by Jun Kumaori

Stay tuned!


23 Mar

… is not only an astute bon mot, and a fascinating tumblr, it is also a shop where some pretty good tights can be purchased online for a hefty £42. A design I find particularly tasteful in an exercise (patterned tights) where disaster is always close.

Pattern your legs!

I could totally wear that…

23 Mar

Henri-Francois Mulard, Portrait of a Woman, ca 1810

Notice the butter gloves. I hear you, my little shrimps, asking as one should always ask: “this is very well indeed, but what about the shoes?”

Donna Karan's cork and wood platform sandals

With just the right amount of exoticness to compliment the somewhat Hellenic spirit of the outfit.

Architecture is not necessarily…

23 Mar

… synonymous with austerity, even when you practice a relatively restrained classicism. At least, there may be some discrepancy between your architectural aesthetics:

Paris' Pantheon by Jacques-Germain Soufflot

… and your sartorial choices:

Floral Madness

I want to thank E. from Academichic, who offered this embroidery bonanza as a reference of the extreme variability of the (gendered) meaning we assign to such and such aspect of our clothing.

Luis Buñuel may have…

22 Mar

… too deeply impressed my imagination with Belle de Jour, but I find this picture insanely sexual:

The sluttishness of the "Claudine" round collar


Update: impossibly cool coincidence?

Color Theory…

21 Mar

… is quite a fascinating subject and should be on the curriculum of any wannabe fashionista. As you may know, Goethe is something like the father of the field where optics meets aesthetics, both as a theory of perception and as a theory of fine arts. Here are two interesting passages from the sixth part of his Zur Farbenlehre:

§ 841: People of refinement have a disinclination to colors. This may be owing partly to weakness of sight, partly to the unceertainty of taste, which readily takes refuge in absolute negation. Women now appear almost universally in white and men in black.

§ 845: The scale of positive color is obviously soon exhausted ; on the other hand, the neutral, subdued, so-called fashionable colors present infinitely varying degrees and shades, most of which are not unpleasing.

Musing on the internet, I found Manolo’s excellent friend’s excellent friends’ excellent friends are doing a bit of very very good fashion oriented popular color theory. You must check that.

Colorwheel from

Up to now, there’s four parts to the course:

  1. The wheel and the two thirds
  2. The neutrals
  3. Triads
  4. Applied investigation

On the relevance of a black tie…

21 Mar

The make-up is also perfect

and yet, not a single black tie in sight on the runways, neither for Spring nor for Fall. You know what to steal from the bf to be supremely untrendy.


Musical attire…

20 Mar

From this site via this site.


19 Mar